[fellowship] Opportunity for people working on "open projects that support a healthy Internet."
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Melody Kramer
2017-07-10 21:26:14 UTC
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Hi all,

I wanted to pass along an opportunity that I saw earlier today via Twitter:

It sets up people working on "open projects that support a healthy
Internet" with a mentor, a cohort of like-minded people from all over the
world, and a trip to Mozfest, which is a London-based open Internet
conference I've attended/presented at in past years and found really
mind-expanding due to the cross-disciplinary conversations that take place.

You can see previous projects here: https://mozilla.github.
io/leadership-training/round-3/projects/ — it looks like there's quite a
broad cross-section and many of the projects across the movement might be
applicable. The post notes participants will learn about "best practices
for project setup and communication, tools for collaboration, community
building, and running events."

Thank you to Leila for suggesting I pass this along to this listserv. Feel
free to share it broadly.

- Mel
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Shlomi Fish
2017-07-11 07:31:23 UTC
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Hi Mel,

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Hi all,
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